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The fall weather is definitely here. Over the last week our high temperatures have floated in the 50s to low 60s (Fahrenheit) and lows hovering above, or even dipping below, freezing. The crisp fall air has arrived. This is always a busy time of year and it only gets busier as the weeks draw closer to the holidays. This year planning family gatherings is also complicated by the ongoing pandemic. Even though there are challenges, itโ€™s important to find ways to share with your friends and family and let them know you care and love them.

Tulips are so confident. They are not demure, like a crocus. Tulips jump out at Spring and shout their joy at all who pass. These striking colors dancing in the sun were so full of love I just had to share them.

In an area that LOVES flowers, tulips are everywhere. Every street and every yard. Every color and every shade. There is a tulip festival not too far away and their influence shows. It is an amazing time for me. To go from the dearth of color that is December, January and February, to the explosive awakening that is April. Worthy of a Dance.

Tulip are not fall flowers, but an Explosion of Love seems to be what we need right now. The bright red, orange and yellow just screams joy! Explosion of Love is available as museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper and high-quality matte note cards. Thereโ€™s more about Explosion of Love on Cynthia Yolland โ€” Slices of Beauty.

Food Assistance for Wildfire-Impacted Households

Our campaign to support relief for victims of the Western Wildfires ends in a couple of days. That doesnโ€™t mean the relief is no longer needed, just that weโ€™ll focus on other needs going forward. Iโ€™m going to share something a little different this week, a newsletter from our state legislator, Tina Kotek.

The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP) provides one month of temporary food assistance benefits on an Oregon EBT card to eligible disaster survivors and can help with issuing supplemental SNAP benefits for ongoing households. To be eligible for DSNAP, a someone in the household must live or work in the disaster area, have been affected by the disaster, and meet certain eligibility criteria. โ€ฆ

DSNAP is available for those who lived or worked in Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn and Marion counties on September 7, 2020. More information is available on the DSNAP webpage.

You can read the rest here. Youโ€™ll need to scroll down to find the section which includes links to the agencies for more information. Food insecurity is a problem for many communities any time of year. The fires have only made it worse. We can help them together. Thank you for helping out.

Cards, More Cards, Holiday Cards on Cynthia Yolland โ€” Slices of Beauty

Weโ€™re focused on releasing new cards that are perfect to share holiday wishes to your friends and family. Weโ€™ve added a collection of cards which we feel expresses some of the love and joy to share for the holiday season.

Hug & Kisses
Bubbling with Cheer

In addition to Explosion of Love two new cards are being released: Hugs & Kisses and Bubbling with Cheer. These images are on high quality matte paper cards come pre-folded, packed in cello sleeves, and includes a white envelope for each card. Available in packs of 5, 10, & 25. Click on the image and select the pack.

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Also, please share Explosion of Love with your friends and families.

Thank you for supporting us at Cynthia Yolland โ€” Slices of Beauty.

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