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Cynthia Yolland

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My mission in life is to shine the light of beauty into as many lives as I can. I found I can do that with my art; sharing the pictures I take daily or the images on which I’m working. We also believe in giving back to our community. That’s why 10% of our proceeds will be donated to charity. Our initial focus will be on art and music in K12 education. Watch our blog Slices of Beauty for more information.

I am an artist, and a wife, mother and grandmother. I have a strong personality. I have been creative all my life. The joy of bringing something into reality is amazing. But, like many others, I have been through fires in my life. My reality has been broken and redefine, over and over. My body has been broken and redefined, over and over. I have a broken neck and oh-so-many auto-immunes. I have had so many surgeries and so many hospitals. I have found my way out of the dark corners of my own life and finding the light of beauty has been part of my healing.

Healing for me involves sharing. Pulling from the fires of my reality, a slice of beauty, then sharing it. The harshness of my reality is rounded then. To find the joy and beauty that abounds and remember there is always beauty, even amidst the worst episodes, has been my joy and my healing. I feel so blessed to be able to share with you the joys and wonders around me. Thank you, for being a part of my healing journey.

There is amazing energy in form. There is intensity and wonder in splashes of color. There is comfort and solace in the geometry of nature. I love dancing in that energy. I love the wonders that are flowers. Flowers have it all: Fiery colors, extremely expression of form, sacred geometry and they dance in the winds. Finding these amazing slices of beauty is an incredible blessing.

Sharing them with you is pure joy.

Artistically, I am strongly influenced by Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Not only in her handling of nature, but also focusing closely on the world. I love confronting the smallest slice of color, to find and emphasize its beauty. Shining a light on a minute splash of beauty, releases that beauty on the world and with it my joy and blessings. Getting up close and personal is my goal in life, in art and personally.

George Yolland

IG: @georgeyolland

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtains. Well maybe he needs a little attention.

Behind every great Artist, selling online, is an incredible nerd making it so. George is data driven and thank the universe for that. We have been married a very long time, so long that both of us often forget both of our anniversaries (long story for another day – oops, we did it again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). He has been involved in technology & computing for most of his adult life. He maintains the plumbing that keeps CynthiaYolland.com running.

Family is important to George and that is what brought us back to the Pacific Northwest and to Portland in particular. Now 2 of our offspring live nearby including one of TNG. We hope more of the family will join us in the area in the future.

Beyond keeping the store open, George enjoys chopping things up with saws. Occasionally re-assembling the pieces into something (useful?). Music has also been a strong influence in his life. He even spent his post-adolescence (legally an adult, but you know…) working the behind the scenes in performing arts, mostly music. Maybe someday some old pictures from that period will show up on the blog. You never know.

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