✨ Season of Joy Days — Days 9 & 10

Hi Everyone,

New things are coming

Okay, time for maybe a bit of a hint: After the Season of Joy, we don’t want the Holidays to be boring. So we have something for you to join in.

Season of Joy Continues

Spreading joy does not have to be difficult. Even in 2020. Spreading joy and light is the best we can do for each other. So, the Season of Joy 2020 continues, with Days 9 Journey to the Center & Day 10 Intensity.

Our new tradition, of celebrating all the joy of the season, early and for everyone. This is our “Holiday Celebration” with you. The world is different this year. We all need to grab the festivity. It is up to us to share it. Each day for twelve days, we will highlight another festive image and story.

And they will be on sale

For their day, everything in that collection will be on 10% off; posters, cards, totes, laptop sleeves. For one day. A present a day just for you.
Seventh and Eighth days of the Season of Joy 2020


Journey to the Center — Dec 4th

Everyone has favorites. Favorite- foods, shirts, walking routes and even children (Yes, we do). I love this rose. I try to get to it every time I go the rose garden. The roses are small, but they are so delicate and yet vibrant. More to tell on the store.

Intensity — Dec 5th

The last one picked. That was me in sports. I worked harder to understand and get it right, but I never quite made it. Always the last one. You would think I would be sensitive to that, but I found this wonderful rose in the last place I could look. Literally, just before leaving the park. Hidden in plain sight. Come and see and read the whole story.

Intensity: Gifts, Cards, Posters, Accessories

Help Us Help Others

It has never been this bad… This is a 100-year flood of hunger.
— Oregon Food Bank's CEO Susannah Morgan

Everyday is Giving Tuesday at Slices of Beauty. Sharing beauty means so much to me. But the sharing can’t stop there. Let’s make a difference every day.  We are giving to help those who are hungry. You can help us. Ten percent of our proceeds will go to help others. There is no sparkle when there is hunger. So, together we can share a bit more joy to those who need it most. Feeding America, which along with World Central Kitchen are our ‘Helping Others’ campaign during November and December. Together we make a difference.

Share love and wonder, every way you can.

Please send us your comments at info@cynthiayolland.com and follow Cynthia on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Thank you for your amazing support this year,

Cynthia & George

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