🥧 Season of Joy — Days 5 & 6

Season of Joy — Day 5 & 6

Hi Everyone,

New things are coming

So many new things to do. But, we are working on an exciting idea. The pot is boiling. Almost ready. Almost. Watch this space. Season of Joy Continues

Spreading joy does not have to be difficult. Even in 2020. Spreading joy and light is the best we can do for each other.

So, the Season of Joy 2020 continues, with Days 5 Crowning Moment & Day 6 Open Yourself.

Our new tradition, of celebrating all the joy of the season, early and for everyone. This is our “Holiday Celebration” with you. Each day for twelve days, we will highlight another festive image and story. Let’s get this party started. And they will be on Sale!

And they will be on Sale!

For their day, everything in that collection will be on 10% off; posters, cards, totes, laptop sleeves. For one day. A present a day just for you. Fifth and Sixth days of the Season of Joy 2020.

Crowning Moment: Gifts, Cards, Posters, Accessories

Crowning Moment— Nov 30th

There is a moment when everything stops and all eyes are on one thing: the candles, the presents, or when the tree is lit up for the first time. The entire gathering breathes together for a moment. There is unity. There is joy. That is what I felt and want to share with you. Take the breath together, no matter how far apart you are. Send everyone that moment.

Open Yourself: Gifts, Cards, Posters, Accessories

Open Yourself — Dec 1st

The challenge of this year: Stay open. Even behind a mask, stay open. I love finding the moments when every color in a bloom is revealed. The beauty lays in the small spaces between petals. Everything collects there. Letting those spaces into the light just gives everything meaning and joy. It is the same with everyone around you, especially your loved ones. Stay open.

Help Us Help Others

It has never been this bad… This is a 100-year flood of hunger.
Oregon Food Bank's CEO Susannah Morgan

Every day is Giving Tuesday at Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty. We are giving to help those who are hungry. You can help. Ten percent of our proceeds will go to help others. There is no joy when you are hungry.

World Central Kitchen is committed to innovative solution to getting people fed and recently with a cherry on top, of keeping restaurants open and their employees employed during the pandemic. Together we can share a bit more joy to those who need it most. Feeding America and World Central Kitchen are our ‘Helping Others’ campaign during November and December. Together we make a difference.

Breathe in all the joy this year. Share love and wonder, ever way you can.

Please send us your comments at info@cynthiayolland.com and follow Cynthia on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Thank you for your the amazing year,

Cynthia & George

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