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Hi Everyone,

Starting a small business is a journey. There are twists and turns that are unanticipated and we do our best to adapt to the unexpected. I won’t go into details, but needless to say we’ve encountered some, both positive and more challenging, this past week. So, as we learn and keep moving forward on our journey, Journey to the Center seems perfect for this week.

Some paths are longer than others. But, walking them is a joy. I love the geometry of roses. So much to uncover, so much to reveal. Combine that with the peacefulness of this striking color and I am in ecstasy.

Everyone tends to favorites: your favorite clothes, favorite food, favorite child (admit it. It is just us here.) It is very hard for an artist to have a favorite color. Colors express. Colors contrast. Colors create.

Journey to the Center is available as museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper and high quality note cards. There’s more about Journey to the Center on Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty.

West Coast Wildfire Relief Still Needed

Although the wildfires are no longer in the national headlines, people are really just beginning the process of recovery, even while the fires are not yet fully contained. We will contribute 30% of our proceeds to West Coast Fire Relief through the end of October.

“I think the biggest takeaway for me is just to set our expectations that this is going to be a long process,” Marion County Commissioner Colm Willis said.

You can read more about the wildfire recovery process here and you can read our statement about why we’re donating 30% of our proceeds through the end of October and see which organizations we have chosen to support here.

Holiday Season Approaches

We have plans for exciting new products that are not quite ready for release (small hint: there will be Christmas/Holiday cards as a start). In the meantime here’s selection of some of the most popular cards we offer.

Lavender Rose Blossom Orange and Purple Treasure Flowers
Maroon and Yellow Spiral Rose Blossom Soft Pink and Orange Rose Blossom with Raindrops

These images are Journey to the Center, Together, Around the Corner Rose, and Just a Little Off the Edges. These high quality paper cards come pre-folded, packed in cello sleeves, and includes a white envelope for each card. Available in packs of 5, 10, & 25. Click on the image and select the pack size you wish to purchase.

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Thank you for supporting us at Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty.

Cynthia & George

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