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A New Collection — Opening Softly — and the story behind it.


What am I looking for in a rose, when I have hundreds, sometimes thousands of blooms to pick from? I am attracted to color and blending colors. I am love symmetry and form. Well, this wonderful bud has everything, in spades. And it had survived the unusual heat of Spring 2020.

Many of the spring buds were burned or dried in the heat, before they could even open. There was a pall over the garden. All the effects of 2020 seemed to be seeping away the life and colors, before the buds even had a chance…

Available as museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper and note cards (see below). There’s more about Opening Softly on Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty.
Opening Softly

New on Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty

I love giving cards. It is a special joy to send a handwritten card. Share your life and love in a special moment. There is such wonder in just putting the stamp on the envelope and sending it on its way.

We have new cards on the store! New images with which to share your love.

The new Note Cards are Opening Softly, Explosion of Love, Around the Corner Rose, and Cabernet Poppy. These high quality paper cards come pre-folded, packed in cello sleeves, and includes a white envelope for each card. Available in packs of 5, 10, & 25. Click on the image and select the pack size you wish to purchase.

Help us help those devastated by the West Coast Wildfires

We have decided to contribute 30% of our proceeds after expenses, through the end of October to relief efforts for the West Coast fires. We’re a small business just starting out, so we can only make a dent. We need to do whatever we can, and this is personal.
Why? You may ask.
First, we live in Portland, Oregon and, though Portland itself has been spared from the worst of the damage, our greater Oregon community is devastated. Many people will have to build back their lives from nothing after the fires have ravaged their homes and sadly some have died.

Read our full statement on West Coast Wildfire Relief here.

Please share Opening Softly with your friends and family.

Thank you for supporting us at Cynthia Yolland — Slices of Beauty.

Cynthia & George

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