Crowning Moment Tote Bags
Crowning Moment Tote Bags
Crowning Moment Tote Bags

Crowning Moment Tote Bags

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There are moments that test you and moments that prove you.

Every life is full of these moments: the afternoon of a bored toddler fussing at you (test) and finding the bubble solution from summer, to have a bubbly afternoon with same toddler (proof).

I have lived through many testing moments: a major car accident, the first autoimmune diagnosis, the afternoon in the ER with a wheezing baby trying to convince the nurse that “I hear it.” And I admit I don’t give myself credit for all the proofs that have happened, but they do: the science day that worked, the day you hold your first grandchild, or just the smile you get for a very small joke. Proofs are there.

This amazing daisy is proof. I went out on a walk on a bad day. This year has been full of tests and bad days. I went on a random walk to just for the sun and to get out. I don’t think you could see the churning emotions. At least I hope you couldn’t.

Because of some of my tests (broken neck, constant pain), I use my iPhone as my primary photographic devise. It is with me and is not around my neck. (I can’t carry any weight on my neck without increasing the pain). It weighs very little and usually makes things much better.

iPhone photography of flowers is very challenging on sunny days. The sun reflects off the screen. The sun makes seeing what you have impossible. I sometimes have no idea what I have actually captured. I am trusting the universe to guide my hand. Focusing is a challenge, because why worry about focusing when you can’t even see what is on the screen. It is a true crap shoot.

But this time it was proof to trust the universe. Sunshine and walking can cure many things, and I thought I was doing OK, until I got home and found the amazing symmetry and serenity in a simple set of petals reaching out. To capture the moment when all the smaller blossoms are full. And to have achieved macro-focus on the difference in the center seed pods.

May we all enjoy days where the universe gives us the perfect proofs. Gives us the crowning moment.

I just had to share the joy with you.

Our tote bags are perfect to have on hand for any occasion. The cotton web handles feature double stitched seams for durability. Dry clean or spot clean only.

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