Together Laptop Sleeve
Together Laptop Sleeve

Together Laptop Sleeve

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Grab on to the ones you love and grow together. These amazing little beauties have brought this into full bloom. 😜 The Treasure Flowers were so joyous and wonderful in their intertwining.

There are flowers that will surprise you every time. So far, that is my relationship with Treasure Flowers. I do not have a map of neighbor’s yards and the flowers that are in them (yet. That really is a great idea). Often, I am on a fairly random walk. I am not flower stalking. I assure you I am not 😉. In my neighborhood there are lots of daisies, mallow and of course, roses. But, every once in a while, there are the different ones. The treasures. Actually, honestly, treasure flowers.

Those yards you remember and try to go by a little more frequently.

These hardy little beauties are full of amazing color changes and they just light up. I can’t pass one by without giving it a respect. So, there is a house, not too far from mine that had purple treasure flowers, early in the spring. Venerate and then walk on. Time joined me.

I didn’t expect to see another bunch, at the same house, in bright orange, much later in July. I mean that I almost didn’t see them. They were across the street and it was July. I am not looking for them. So, obviously I set off across the street. That should be simple.

First, did I mention I am pushing a stroller, with a wonderful, but sometimes impatient and large 14-month-old in it? Nope. Did I mention that my neighborhood is filled with trees? Everywhere. They are gorgeous. But their roots are huge and not gorgeous, at least not for a stroller driver. Navigating the sidewalks is an obstacle course, in and of itself. And I do not have the most refined upper arm muscles to complete the course with refined elegance. (Ask me next year, I might have a different answer on those.) Then finally, did I mention that many of the roads in my area are not the most refined? We lovingly call them “urban off roading”. So, crossing the road, with the small tires of a stroller, is an adventure, to say the least. But we set off.

Was it worth it? To see these to beauties intertwined, and still showing their greatness, just seemed a statement on the summer of 2020. Covid19 has pushed us away from each other. We need to find every way to venerate those connections and shine together, while supporting each other. Stay Well. We will shine together.

I just had to share them with you.

Protect your laptop in style—get this snug, lightweight laptop sleeve! To prevent any scratch marks, it contains an internal padded zipper and its interior is fully lined with faux fur. What’s more, it’s made from a material that’s resistant to water, oil, and heat, making sure your laptop sleeve looks as sharp as you any day of the week!

• 100% neoprene
• Product weight:
13''—6.49 oz. (220 g)
15''—7.67 oz. (260 g)
• Snug fit
• Faux fur interior lining
• Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat
• Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders
• Padded zipper binding

Size guide

  13 IN 15 IN
Length (inches) 13 ½ 14 ¾
Width (inches) 10 ½ 11 ¼
Height (inches)

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