Rose for Rose Premium Pillow
Rose for Rose Premium Pillow
Rose for Rose Premium Pillow
Rose for Rose Premium Pillow
Rose for Rose Premium Pillow
Rose for Rose Premium Pillow

Rose for Rose Premium Pillow

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Roses are survivors. The late summer heat can burn roses, especially when they are buds. The small petals may get singed. But roses, like all survivors, take that singeing and proudly wear it. This particular rose has created wonderful beauty in the contrasts. The darkness accentuates the amazing geometry that is unfolding drawing me into its possibilities. I truly, am thankful that I witnessed this amazing, and colorful survivor.

This Rose brings many things with it.

Let’s start with the name: Rose for Rose. We had just printed some test images. And this was one of the first. We have a process that images go through to make it as a Print. We mostly choose from those that have been published on Ig or FB (but, don’t be surprised if some “unknowns” show up too. I take A LOT of pictures.) So, they are first picked to be published on social media. Then we test if the image will “withstand” being printed in large format and then we print a test.

The test arrived and was gloriously wonderful, and it arrived as George was setting off to visit a friend. A friend named Rose.

Like the roses of August, Rose is a survivor. Gorgeous and strong, and has made it through storms. She is an amazing person and I am so happy to know her. So, we just had this gorgeous rose printed and we have someone named Rose, with things to celebrate. A match made for each other. So, we gave her the first print of the poster. When things are right, they flow.

Rose for Rose is also, one of my favorite images. I can empathize with the buds of August. They are challenged from their very inception. The heats of August are not gentle breezes type of heat. Even in the Pacific Northwest, August is a cooker. The delicate veins of the rose dry out so quickly. Many roses in August have large scars of brown or black along the full edge of every petal. Not this one, the burns deepened the reds and follow the geometry of the whorl so wonderfully. What could have been a scar, is in fact, a deepening of the beauty on display. Celebrating the challenges of life! What a an amazing message.

It is also a bud in whorl. I love whorls. No, I really mean I love them. Not all roses make whorls and the short life span of the whorl brings out the amazing nature of this moment. This moment in the life of this flower, with all the potentials vibrantly on display. They are so simple and yet the geometry is so glorious. Makes you want to dance just looking at it.

As someone who has weathered more than a few storms myself, this rose and my friend Rose challenge me to face them straight on and wear my scars as beauty. Because they are.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

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